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Tell us about your experience

Whether an elementary, middle, high, public or private school, the results of others speak volumes to the results of the easy, fun, safe, and recurring revenues from the Changemaker Initiative.

Wendi Teton
School Administrator
Discovery School
Dr. Nick Boyers
Sugar Hill Elementary
Rebekah Mathis
Unity Christian School
Schools & PTAs


Will this work for a booster

club, band, or athletic group?

We get it. It's not easy fundraising for a booster club. It's no fun getting hundreds of volunteers together or finding the right item to sell. Let's see how the recurring donations of the Changemaker Initiative worked for others.

Coach Russel Dyer
Athletic Director
Unity Christian School
Booster Clubs

Camp Grace

Dave (Founder)

"We at Camp Grace needed an answer to how we were going to raise enough money to 3,000 urban kids to overnight camp. We found that answer in the amazing company of Hello Donor."

Stockdale Christian School

Larry (Head of School)

"I love all of the work that [the Hello Donor Team] does for my school. Thank you for making this program so easy for my staff and I."


Northwood Elementary PTA

Julie (PTA Treasurer)

"Most of our fundraisers generate only one time donations, but WOW there is so much potential for more. The financial impact is incredible!"

Georgia PTA

Tye (GA PTA Manager)

"This program is a no brainer for everyone! You have to do it!"

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