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The Future is Recurring

Picking vs Planting

Traditional fundraisers are like apple picking. You get a basket, fill it up with apples, and you go enjoy those apples. But, once those apples are consumed, they are gone and in order to get more apples, you have to repeat the process over and over again.

The Changemaker Initiative is like planting an apple tree. You plant the tree, it grows, and continues producing apples over and over! When you need more apples, you just go to YOUR tree and pick what you need.

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Image by Micheile Henderson
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Recurring Donations Month after Month

Our innovative Changemaker initiative makes it easier than ever to obtain monthly recurring donations that is both easy for your donors and better for your organization.

It's Time for Change, Using Change Round-up Everywhere

The Changemaker Initiative allows donors to simply donate their spare change through our digital change round-up technology. Have you been to a grocery store or fast food restaurant lately where they asked if you wanted to "round up your change" and donate to a nonprofit?

This is a similar concept. The difference is that you allow your donors to round up their change from every digital transaction they make with the debit or credit card of their choice everywhere they shop. They simply register their card and go about their normal daily routines. 

The change adds up. For every 100 Changemakers (donors) equals around $10,000 to $12,000 per year. Check out the calculator to see how change adds up for your school or organization.

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Register Any Card

Shop With Your Card

Support Your Organization

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Safe and Secure

Safety and security are our top priorities. All financial transactions are handled by our world class partner STRIPE.


Stripe processes millions of transactions for many major organizations, such as Amazon, Uber, Lyft, etc.

  • PCI-Certified

  • SSL

  • AES-256 Encryption


6 things you'll love

  • ZERO upfront cost

  • Easy to implement

  • Volunteers optional

  • Simple to get started

  • Ready to use promotional materials

  • Dedicated & supportive teammate

I am a(n)...

Your school's funding doesn't pay for everything that your students and teachers need

We provide a safe and easy system for people to donate monthly to your school.

A Customer's Journey

These are real statistics from one of our clients.

See how the Changemaker Initiative can work for you!

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The Facts

  • Number of students: 640

  • Students participating: 323

  • Number of Changemakers (donors): 270

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The Launch

  • Promotion: 2 week plan

  • Communication: To students and parents

  • Lots of incentives

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The Results

  • On track for $50,000+ for the 1st year

  • 2,500 visits to student fundraising pages

  • 60% donors were not parents


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Why Hello Donor

Let's see what others have to say about the Changemaker Initiative

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"As a Principal, I love the ease of this program. I was able to easily communicate to my families about how to get started regardless of income level! I highly recommend this program to any school that wants a successful fundraiser."

Dr. Nick Boyers, Principal

Sugar Hill Elementary