Welcome Administrators!
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Welcome Administrators!
You are going to love this.


Finally, a hassle-free fundraiser that is fun and produces results. Everything you need is provided right here. First, a quick overview.

First, tell us who you are so we can give you tips tailored to your situation:

Great! Here's how it works:

Changemaker Day

Your Success Journey Begins Here...
Fun for your students.  Simple for you.
Changemaker Day: The Great Kickoff

Dress up like a hero!


Create custom avatars!


Join the fun in the Changemaker pep rally!


This is where it all starts. It's exciting, it's fun and the students will be pumped.

The Classroom Ten

After the kickoff, you'll need to keep your heroes excited! Here's how you can continually motivate and support your students​​.

The Classroom Ten

Instruct teachers to take 10 minutes a day to re-energize your heroes in the classroom each day: 

First, Teachers will play the Changemaker "I Wanna Be" Music Video