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Thank You, Education Workers!

It’s hard to believe that we, as a country, just recently marked one year since life as we knew it came to an abrupt halt. No large gatherings, no time with extended family and friends, no movies, no sporting events…… the list goes on and on of things that were eliminated from what we considered “normal”.

We all can relate to the feelings and thoughts we had when we received the, “work from home the next few weeks” text, or when we saw that first zoom link invite show up in our inbox.

It can be overwhelming to think about what has changed in just one year, especially for those in the education field. Going from day to day in-person interactions with students and faculty, to figuring out how to navigate online learning. All of this while also working to provide a sense of hope, security and community for students who don’t understand what’s going on. And of course, on a personal level, trying to make sense of the things happening outside of the school day.

What a momentous feat for any human being.

As we begin to look back and take inventory on things lost and the things gained from this last year, we want to THANK those working in the school system. Thank you teachers, administration, PTA, coaches, janitorial staff and volunteers. Thank you for putting in a copious amount of hours learning how to pivot with online learning. Thank you for your dedication, creativity, and commitment to your students. Thank you for fighting through the unknown and creating a safe space for students to come daily and experience some form of consistency in the midst of this unprecedented year.

You all are the essence of what it means to be a hero.

PS - did you know TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK is MAY 3 - MAY 7!?

Here are a few ways we've heard people express their gratitude for Education workers! Will you give one of these ideas a try with an education worker you appreciate!?

  • Make a donation to the school in a teacher's name!

  • Place yard signs or balloons in the yard of a teacher teaching virtually!

  • Plan a 7 day goodie surprise, one note + small gift (think Starbucks gift card) for each day of Teacher Appreciation Week!

Tag us in your celebrations @myhellodonor!


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