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What Happens Next? Meet Our Customer Success Team!

Welcome to Hello Donor!

We know that launching a new program can be intimidating, and maybe even feel overwhelming. That is why we wanted to share a bit of insight on 'what happens' after you sign up to bring the Changemaker Initiative to your school or charity!

Hear directly from Chris and Emily (our Customer Success team)! They can't wait to meet you!

As a new member of our family, you will immediately be connected with our Customer Success Team. Our Customer Success Team strives to accelerate your impact and mission by generating monthly recurring donations. We do so by creating a relational like environment through our 4 core values:

  1. We are… SUPPORTIVE Our focus lies in YOUR ideas and YOUR passions! We want to ensure at all times that your school or charity will come to life through our planning and execution.

  2. We are… INNOVATIVE We generate thoughtful, creative, and inspirational ideas to adapt and mold to fit your specific school or charity to make you successful. We love getting creative in how we work with our school partners!

  3. We are… ENCOURAGING Our team will act as your #1 fan! We want you to be successful so that you can improve and grow your impact and mission within your school or charity.

  4. We are… AVAILABLE You will have a Customer Success Representative that will walk by your side throughout the entire process. They will assist you in technology set up, promotion, communication, execution, and check-ins.

Hello Donor’s Customer Success Team is here to grow with you personally and professionally. Our team is honored to partner with you and walk by your side as you launch The Changemaker Initiative at your school or charity.

PS - we have TONS of resources like flyers, stickers, and more to help you communicate our program to your team/parents/teachers/supporters. Here are a few examples!


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