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3 Simple Steps: The Easiest Fundraiser Ever

"It can't really be that easy, can it!?"

This is something we hear regularly from schools we have the opportunity to share our program with. And we get it! Fundraising options of the past have been far from EASY. From heavy time commitments, to logistics, volunteers, and so much more, traditional fundraisers can often be more complicated than anything.

But ring the good news gong! We set out to create the EASIEST fundraiser ever, so we're confident in responding to the question above with a resounding "YES, It CAN!"

Our Program Allows Changemakers (people who donate) to participate in 3 EASY STEPS:

  1. Changemakers register any card on our safe and secure system.

  2. They shop where they normally shop (think groceries, gas or literally any everyday purchase)

  3. Their change is rounded up to the nearest dollar and donated to your school (for example, if Sue the Changemaker spends $18.40 at Target, $0.60 will be donated to your school).

You may be thinking..."Sounds awesome, does it "really" work for my school?"

Here's how it works:

  1. You hear about our program and say, "This is a no brainer, let's do it!"

  2. We set up the system for you and walk you through (STEP BY STEP) on how to share it with your community.

  3. Your students (and school community) simply ask people to round up their change.

  4. Monthly recurring revenue begins! Your school bank account gets filled, and parents are happy because this is the EASIEST fundraiser ever.

Russell Dyer, Athletic Director at Unity Christian School says "This program makes it easy for people that want to give, but don't want to purchase products. I set up my Changemaker donation in TWO minutes!"

So yes, it really IS that easy, and it actually works during a pandemic! Do you know anyone who should know about the Changemaker Initiative?

Spots are filling up for Fall 2021!

Connect with us today to schedule a live demo with one of our team members!


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