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Change School Fundraisers Forever

How We Plan to Change Fundraisers for Schools Forever with the Changemaker Initiative

What is the Changemaker Initiative?

There is no shortage of school fundraising ideas and fundraisers for schools. If you were to do a Google search for school fundraising ideas you will see thousands of page results and thousands of ideas and programs.

There are programs from selling a variety of products like chocolate, wrapping paper, magazines and so much more. There are a huge variety of “thons” like running, walking, biking, dancing, etc. There are Fund Weeks where students can be out of dress code for a small donation every day.

Bottom line is there are a lot of ways for schools to raise money.

We know this is a bold statement and we are OK with it.

We intent to completely change how schools do fundraising forever.

Why do we want to change the school fundraising industry?

The four Hello Donor founders are also parents with 18 kids amongst them. Yes, 18 children that are all at various stages of their education. We have all been through it over and over. We have experienced first hand, heard it from our spouses and other parents the frustrations and challenges of school fundraising.

We knew there had to be a better way, an easier way, and one that would generate monthly recurring donations for our kid’s schools. That is why we created Hello Donor.

Our goal is to accelerate impact by monthly recurring donations for the best schools in the world!

Here are the 7 reasons we believe that Hello Donor will change how schools fundraise forever. This also walks you through the Changemaker Initiative process and how we work with schools.

1. Fundraising Goals and Amount Your Raise

The biggest value of our Changemaker program is the monthly recurring donations. It is so easy for your supporters to simply donate their spare change. This means you raise money for your school without selling a product or hosting a major event on your campus.

Parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors who want to support your school can donate their digital change from their daily transactions. Remember the “good ‘ol days” when schools did change drives and students walk their neighborhoods asking people to simply donate their spare change?

Welcome to the digital era of change donations.

Take this example of a school with 400 students. Let’s imagine that all 400 students get just 1 person (like a parent) who are willing to donate their spare change. The average Changemaker donation after the Hello Donor fees is $19.04.

With 400 changemakers, your school will generate $7,616.00 in monthly recurring donations. That is an equivalent of $91,392.

Imagine your ability to fund your school’s mission with an additional $7,600 month after month. $90,000+ in a fundraising event is a great success. But, it gets even better.

What happens if you can average 2 donors per student? Let’s pretend you can get both mom and dad to each donates their spare change. Now you are looking at $180,000 in new funds for your school. That will help purchase a lot of laptops, playground equipment, band uniforms, or whatever is the biggest need for your school.

The national average is only 10% of donors quit after the first year. What does that mean for your school? It means kickoff the Changemaker Initiative the 2nd year, you are already beginning the school year with $6,854 (assuming an average of only 1 change donor per student) in monthly recurring donations before you even think about your 2nd year fundraising activities.

Hopefully, you can see why we are so excited about the Changemaker Initiative as fundraising for schools and how we can add tremendous value to your school. Change roundup is quickly becoming a staple of our daily lives for investing, saving, and donating to food banks at your local grocery store. As more organizations are offering Change Roundup solutions, your donors may be glad to provide their change to their favorite school.

2. Motivating Theme to Get Your Parents Involved

We theme the Changemaker Initiative as “Change for Change.” It is an easy theme to understand and simple for parents and other supporters to get behind.

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Instead of spending your time on a variety of fundraising activities throughout the year, with the Changemaker initiative, you can motivate your families to donate their change and avoid any other more labor-intensive programs like selling cookie dough or wrapping paper.

3. Super Easy for Donors to Sign Up

The Changemaker model is a simple 3 step process for your change donors.

Unlike other programs where you have to shop on a specific site, use a code or start on a unique website, with the Hello Donor program, you donors simply register a card of their choice and use it normally. Our proprietary technology does the rest.

Each month, your donors will receive a custom Thank You message from your school and see how much change they donated for the month. Best of all for donors, we provide monthly and annual reports so you can provide receipts for their tax filing needs.

4. Incentives to Motivate Your Students

We know students are motivated by prizes. We work alongside you to create and provide the incentives that are best for your school. Our easy to use, proprietary software allows you to select incentives for students, classes and your entire school.

[insert pic]

Using our parent/student dashboard, every student can track their progress and see how their fellow classmates are progressing too. Gamify the process helps encourage and motivate students to achieve their goals and support their school.

[insert pic]

5. Personalized Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Hubs

Our proprietary system makes it super easy for every student to have their own Fundraising Hub, Kids get excited about having their own mini-website to support their school. It helps them get excited about the Changemaker program and motivates them to share it with their family.

For parents that are ok with it, they can upload a picture of their child to personalize their fundraising Hub. When family members and neighbors get invited to learn about the Changemaker program, they can see their child’s picture, see their goals and get information from the school about how the proceeds will benefit the school.

6. Change Notes from Donors

Finally, our “Change Notes” allow donors to leave a little note of encouragement and support to students. It helps students feel good about themselves and helps motivate other family members to donate to the cause.

One donor told us that they were not sure they were going to donate to their niece's school, but when they saw that their in-laws all donated and left an encouraging note to his niece, he knew that he had to join the rest of the family and donate his change.

The Personal Fundraising Hubs are a unique feature to the Changemaker program and adds tremendous value to your fundraising efforts. Plus, kids love them!

7. Virtual, Live Kickoff

Take advantage of our talented team of event specialists. We have some of the best MC’s and event hosts in the business.

If you are still doing virtual school, no problem at all. Our interactive, high energy online kickoffs are a huge hit with both students and parents. It is an evening event that shares the Changemaker program with your families and helps them understand the simple 3 steps to supporting your school.

Kickoff Materials

We don’t want you to worry about promotional materials either. We have you covered! We are most excited that the Changemaker Initiative is Riskless, Painless, Endless, and Contactless.

To help you promote and advertise your Changemaker Initiative, we provide your school with custom flyers, banners, signs. It is all included with your Changemaker Initiative.

We listed 7 easy reasons why the Changemaker Initiative can add to your fundraising plans for this year. Best of all, our Changemaker Initiative is not limited to a time of year. You can start your Changemaker Initiative now!

Want to speak with someone about your school’s needs? We want to help.

Use this form and we will make sure the right person on our team reaches out to you within 24 hours.


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