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Our Most Successful School Fundraiser Ever

How Hello Donor has changed fundraising for DCS forever

Wendi Teten is the Head of School for DCS. She is thrilled with Hello Donor's Changemaker Initiative and shares her experiences. Take a listen or read below.

How was your experience with The Changemaker Initiative?

"Our experience with The Changemaker Initiative was great. We're really excited. We are just a small school of a little over 200 students and we have had great success. We've already raised in two months more than we've ever raised on any other fundraiser.

We had a lot of success with the program. It's been a smooth process, very easy for us as a school, and I would definitely recommend it to any other school considering it.

Are teachers involved?

“Our teachers thought it was very, very simple. I keep going back to that. It was so simple. For us, that was huge.

That was why we chose The Changemaker Initiative. We've spent so much time and money on other projects that we tried to use to raise money. And it was a lot of work for us. It was a lot of work on our teachers and this was not the case with Hello Donor.

This was hardly any work on us, and we were still able to be very successful with our fundraising, and our teachers felt the same that they didn't have to do a lot.

They think very highly of the program as well.”

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