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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Hubs

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Hubs & Change Roundup Donations. A Modern Approach for Virtual Fundraising for Schools

A student Fundraising Hub, or some call them a peer-to-peer fundraising site, is a total game changer to your school fundraising campaign. We believe that peer-to-peer fundraising pages, like our Fundraising Hubs, are changing school fundraising for all types of programs.

With Hello Donor, each student may have their own personalized fundraising Hub that is designed to help them promote your campaign with their family and friends.

A Fundraising Hubs turns all of your students into evangelists for your school.

When students have a Fundraising Hub it motivates them to spend time and energy sharing your fundraiser with their family and friends to contribute to their fundraising campaign. Fundraising Hubs gives your students the opportunity to be a part of your school’s story.

Another great use of the Student Fundraising Hub are the Donor Notes. Donor Notes allow students’ supporters to leave a note and support their student. The note of encouragement is prominently displayed on their Hub so any other family members or potential supporters can see who else has supported the student. It is a great way to increase your student’s family members supporting the campaign efforts.

Personal Fundraising Hubs are more popular than ever. They help nonprofits gain new revenue and supporters because your students can share their Hub with family and friends. This means you get your school's mission in front of more people. This helps grow your supporters way beyond your current network.


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